Martin Webb Baptist Learning Center

2 Timothy 2:2 ? Matthews 28:19

Mission Statement
The objectives of the center are to encourage, promote and train Christian workers in Christian Education, evangelism, missions, stewardship and church extension, while endeavoring to combine the efforts of the churches and organizations in other ministries as determinded by the Cooperative Ministries Committee.

Methods used to accomplish purpose In pursuit of these objectives, the center will funtion through the churches, the asociations, their auxiliaries, departments, committees and agencies.

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Reedy River Baptist Brotherhood

Mission Statement
Motivating and Mobilizing Men for Ministry

Drawing Men to Christ, Developing Men in Christ, Deploying Men for Christ. In order that the Brotherhood may meet the demands which God and the Church imposes upon them.

President - Bro. Anthony Cunningham
Vice President - Bro. Calvin Sullivan
1st Vice President - Bro. Calvin Murray
Secretary - Bro. Varner Shanks
Treasurer - Bro. Willie Tutt
Chaplin - Bro. James Fowler

Congress of Christian Education

President - Rev. Christopher Scott
1st Vice President - Vacant
2nd Vice President - Rev. Tyrone Westfield
Secretary - Sis. Mildred Madden
Asst. Secretary - Sis. Queen Hood
Treasurer - Rev. Charles Mention
Dean - Dea. Algie Dial
Asst. Dean - Rev. Mary Sloan
Chairperson of Finance - Bro. Courtney Lilliston
Director General - Sis. Jeanette Chapman
Historian - Rev. Anna Cecil
Parliamentarian - Sis. Daisy Childress
Congress Downloads
2020 Bible Bee Questions 1
File Size: 185.2Kb
File Details: Middle/High School Division
2020 Bible Bee Questions 2
File Size: 126.2Kb
File Details: Elementary Division
2020 Bible Bee Information Letter
File Size: 159.6Kb
File Details:
2018 NJ Brockman Scoring Sheet
File Size: 227.2Kb
File Details:
2018 NJ Brockman Data Sheet
File Size: 118.0Kb
File Details:
2019 CO Jackson Personal Data Sheet
File Size: 108.1Kb
File Details:

Senior Usher's Auxiliary

Mission Statement
Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

President - Sis. Shirley Lewis
1st Vice President - Bro. Charles Gamble
2nd Vice President - Sis. Diane Byrd
Secretary - Sis. Serena Harris
Asst. Secretary - Sis. Queen Hood
Corresponding Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer - Rev. Erion Rosemond
Financial Chairperson - Sis. Jeannette Free
Parliamentarian - Sis. Judy Jones
Chaplin - Sis. Rozell Sullivan
Supervisor - Rev. Julius M. Bryant, Sr.

Youth Ushers


President - Vacant
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary - Vacant
Supervisor - Sis. Shirley Redmond
Advisor - Sis. Fannie Graffinreed

Woman's Auxiliary


President - Sis. Doris Zimmerman
1st Vice President - Sis. Lula Sweeney
2nd Vice President - Sis. Linda Putman
Secretary - Sis. Evelyn Gregory
Asst. Secretary - Sis. Tina Harris
Corresponding Secretary - Sis. Connie Sayles
Treasurer - Sis. Rose Harris
Financial Secretary - Sis. Gloria Robinson
Asst. Financial Secretary - Sis. Debra Glenn
Field Missionary - Sis. Elizabeth Brock
Pianist - Sis. Sarah Young
Chaplin - Minister Anna Cecil

Young Woman's Auxiliary

Scripture: Philippians 2:1-11

Mission Statement:

  1. Individual and collective witness for Christ. Let others see Christ in you.
  2. Enlist young women for missions. Invite the young women of your church to join, to believe in Jesus Christ, and to render service to persons in need.
  3. Teach missions and study God's word.
  4. Provide organizational plans for leadership and finance for mission projects.
  5. Provide and interpret information concerning the work of your local church your associational field, the state conventions and national conventions.

Standard For Service:

  1. You must be called by God (Romans 8:28-30)
  2. You must count the cost (Luke 14:25-34)
  3. You must make preparation (II Timothy 2:15-21)
  4. You must be fully committed (Acts 20:32-35
  5. You must be faithful (Matthew 24: 45-47; II Thessaonians 3:1-5)
  6. You must have a servant's heart (Colossians 1:21-28)

President - Sis. Chefonda Caldwell
1st Vice President - Valerie Ferguson Simmons
2nd Vice President - Vacant
Chaplain - Almetia Butler
Secretary - Sis. Natalie Bennett
Asst. Secretary - Sis. Norma Hicks
Treasurer - Sis. Takitti Childress
Asst. Treasurer - Sis. Wynell Baldwin

Youth Auxiliary

The purpose of this auxiliary is to train youth to become better Christians, Stewards, and to promote growth and outreach to all youth members.

President - Vacant
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary - Vacant